Our Why

First ones up. last ones down. They feed us. Clothe us. Pick us up. Dust us off. On the sides lines. On the front lines. Always the first advocates. The last cheerleaders. Healers. Teachers.

They paint the world a rainbow when it’s filled with broken dreams.

Givers of love and genuine tears. Earners of stretch marks and early wrinkles. They give us their bodies, minds and lives.

The heart they give when ours fell apart. They shape humanity. They build the future.

To connect in that most indescribable way. Somehow, they do it every day. Somehow they wouldn't have it any other way.

Mums are busy. Mums are incredible. Mums are the worlds greatest superheroes!

About Us

Luxmum was founded by a team of caring traveler moms & entrepreneurs who weren't satisfied with the diaper bags in the market. They were either too expensive, low quality or not functional to carry all the babies needs without being inconvenient & too bulky.

At Luxmum we have carefully curated the diaper bags that works best - We want you to be comfortable, look great and carry all you need whenever you go out with your little one.

So when everyone’s counting on you, you can count on us.

Have a look around to see more of what we are about, and welcome to the family!